Charles Souby is an author based in San Rafael, California. He has published two novels, WINIFRED and A SHOT OF MALARIA and has had short stories published in The Saturday Evening Post Online, eFiction Magazine, and Opening Line. His poetry can be found in 5 Poetry Magazine and the California Quarterly Review. He is currently editing a collection of short stories tentatively titled A VIEW FROM THE BORDERLINE and has just completed a third novel, THE WILD REVISITED.

While his stories are fictional, they draw from a wide spectrum of personal experience from Chicago to San Francisco to the Alaska/Canadian border.

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Short Story:

Maypole Madness
A tortured child from a middle American town exacts revenge on the world that has ignored him for so long.

The Wild Revisited

A coming of age novel about an Ivy League grad, Jeffrey Woodward who hitchhikes to the Klondike before giving his life over to his father to be a lobbyist for mining interests in the Southwest United States.

The journey transforms itself into a metaphor for the crossroads in Jeffrey's life. Set in 1982, the story is comical, poignant and deeply relevant to issues facing America today around consumerism, environmental devastation and racism.


For Rayleigh Stern life has become intolerable. Devastated by the loss of his wife Rachel to cancer, he is alienated and at the end of his rope until he meets a most unexpected gift from out of his dark past.

A Shot of Malaria

The gritty and sometimes comical story of a strung-out street musician who aspires to be the Jimi Hendrix of the 5-String Banjo and find a girlfriend for the Christmas Holidays.

Published Works

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Short Story:

The Durschlag Twins

When little suburban terrors cause a near-accident, a frustrated neighbor learns the best way to deal with ill-behaved children isn’t what he expected.